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#1 New York Times Business Bestseller

“I enjoyed working with Christina Boys for more than a decade on over twenty of my books. Christina is an exceptionally skilled and experienced editor. She has a good eye for details, and gave clear and helpful suggestions that helped me improve and polish my manuscripts. She is easy to collaborate with, and always handled my books with care and professionalism. She also did excellent work creating the abridged manuscripts for my Successful People series and Power series. I highly recommend Christina to any author who wants to take his or her work to the next level.      

— John C. Maxwell,  #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

Unsaid 9781609419059.jpg

Christina Boys is an extraordinary editor, but she is more than that.  She partners with you to help you find your best voice. Whether it is advice about structure, pacing, characterization or line editing, she will take your writing to the next level.”

—  Neil AbramsonUSA Today  Bestselling Author of Unsaid

USA Today Bestseller

“Christina Boys is surely one of the best editors I’ve worked with in bringing my novels to life. Her gentle confidence in viewing over-arching story while paying attention to the kind of detail that makes stories pop is unparalleled. Having a superb editor is critical for any writer, and I would highly recommend Christina to any budding or experienced writer. 

Ted Dekker, New York Times Bestselling Author of A.D. 30 and The Circle Series

#1 National Bestseller

Inspy Award-winner

I've had the privilege of working with some amazing editors over the years and understand what a great editor can do. Each of my editors has had a real impact on helping me notch-up my work, of helping me become a better writer. Christina Boys is such an editor. She took on A Guitar and a Pen, and her ability to ask the right questions resulted in a far better book. I am most grateful for the opportunity to have worked with her. 

— Robert HicksNew York Times Bestselling Author and Editor of A Guitar and a Pen

“Christina Boys is uniquely gifted in that she can roll up her sleeves and get in the nitty-gritty, tackling phrasing, word-choice, and all the line-by-line stuff while also being able to helicopter above and not lose her perspective of the larger narrative, tension, and story arc. When we first met, she helped me take a book in trouble and turn it into something I’m very proud of.  Bottom line, she made each successive book better and I would recommend her without reservation."


Charles Martin, New York Times bestselling author of The Mountain Between Us and Water from My Heart

A RT Book Reviews

Best Book of the Year

“Christina Boys is an incredible editor. I just love working with her. She not only gives incredibly valuable feedback, but she has an eye for great design. She made my book shine from cover to cover. To top it all off, she has a wonderful sense of humor. Such a pleasure to work with.

— Steve Hoffman, CEO of Founders Space and Author of Make Elephants Fly

Axiom Best Business Book Gold Award

“Christina Boys is, quite simply, brilliant. Her insights have been invaluable to me personally both in creating compelling characters and in crafting a satisfying story arc. Christina has the rare ability to deliver necessary constructive criticism without discouraging the writer—an essential component of the author-editor relationship. Her passion for excellence and her understanding of story combine to make her one of the best editors in the publishing industry. 

— Stephanie Grace Whitson, National Bestselling Author of Daughter of the Regiment

A Library Journal

Best Book of the Year

“I've been a working journalist for a decade now—which means I've worked with a ton of editors!—and Christina Boys is one of the best. With my most recent book, Christina worked with me to restructure it (I LOVE the new order of things) and identified things I'd missed in the manuscript that I know most editors never would have seen. And she did it all with kindness, patience, and a great attitude. I highly, highly recommend Christina. 

— Catey Hill, Deputy Editor at Moneyish and Author of The 30 Minute Money Plan for Moms

“Christina Boys has a deft touch, and a steady hand, coupled with a good sense of what a book should be.  All editors should be so wise.”

Philip Gulley, Bestselling Author of the Hope Series and the Harmony Series

Ms. Bitch Final Cover.jpg

“It was an absolute delight to work with Christina Boys on a story that is deeply personal for me. Christina was timely and efficient, clearly managed my expectations, and delivered excellent advice. Her edits, feedback, and overall support really helped make my story shine, and I highly recommend her services! After working with Christina, I'm excited and proud to release my book to the world.  

— Tricia O'Malley, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Ms. Bitch

“Christina Boys has the gift of seeing the true essence of a book. She provides detailed feedback in a concise document and goes the extra mile to offer wonderful suggestions on making changes. She doesn’t try to change an author’s voice and is a great encourager with her positive feedback. All in all, you would be hard pressed to find a more talented editor. I thoroughly enjoy working with Christina and highly recommend her!

Susan Sleeman, Bestselling and Award-winning Author of Fatal Mistake

ACFW Carol Award

Best Romantic Suspense

“Christina Boys has impeccable literary taste—she possesses a unique ability to identify great concepts as well as present new ideas. She is always positive, constructive, and professional, and I’ve been honored to work with her throughout my career.

Jordan Christy, National Speaker and Author of How to Be a Hepburn in a Kardashian World

“Christina Boys was an absolute pleasure to work with! Through her careful manuscript reads and our many conversations, she helped me connect larger plot points, amplify emotional resonance, and attend to sentence level choices about dialogue and dialect. My debut novel is a success because of her faith and sharp editorial eye. 

— Melissa Scholes Young, Award-winning Author of Flood


American Book Fest

Best Literary Novel

“Christina Boys and I worked together from concept acceptance to final manuscript edit of my new book Run Forever (April, 2018). She was always available, helpful, and timely. She understood and supported my highly personal approach, while still making key editorial comments and changes that helped improve the final book. We hit all interim deadlines, and produced a book true to all my aspirations.” 

— Amby Burfoot, Author of Run Forever and Former Executive Editor of Runner's World

It's been my extreme pleasure working with Christina Boys on six novels, and hopefully many more! The editorial value she brings to the writing process can't be overstated. Beyond just making the words on the page sound better, she has a real gift for bringing stories to life. Christina is more than an editor—she is a partner in the writing process. Over and over again she's helped enliven my stories and characters to better appeal to readers.

— Kevin Alan Milne, Internationally Published Author of The Paper Bag Christmas

“As a first-time author, I was pleased to have Christina Boys as my editor. She guided me through the process, provided invaluable feedback, and helped shape the manuscript into its final form. Her responsiveness is first-rate and there's never a question that she isn't willing to patiently answer. 

— Skip Prichard, President & CEO of OCLC and Author of The Book of Mistakes

“Christina Boys was my editor for six novels and each one became a better book because of her. That niggling feeling you have that something isn't quite right? She will put her finger on it. The creative well has run dry? She'll brainstorm with you and something will break free. I trust her skills and her value to this industry we all love.

Shelley Adina / Adina Senft, Bestselling Author of the Magnificent Devices Steampunk Series and the Whinburg Township Amish Series

“Christina Boys is insightful, responsive, and professional. She was able to offer useful suggestions regarding specific lines and sections, as well as the manuscript as a whole. Her feedback was delivered in a clear, positive, and constructive manner that helped me improve my book in a significant way. I enjoyed our collaborative work together, and definitely recommend her as an editor.

— Areva Martin, Talk Show Host and Author of Make It Rain!

“Christina Boys worked with me as a partner to make my Butternut Creek series the best it could be. She found the big stuff that hurt the novels and the little things that didn't fit. Sometimes she made specific suggestions; other times she gave me general guidance and challenged me to work it out. As well as being a terrific editor, she treated me with respect and made me feel like a talented writer. I was more fortunate than I could ever say to have her as my editor.

Jane Myers Perrine, RITA Nominated Author of the Butternut Creek Series

“While she was editing my book, Christina Boys was consistently professional, responsive, and an absolute pleasure to work with. She has an excellent eye for detail and did a great job of finessing my manuscript in a collaborative and respectful way. Any author would be fortunate to get to work with her! 

— Dorcas Cheng-Tozun, Columnist and Author of Start, Love, Repeat

“Christina Boys is a delight to work with. Whether brainstorming plot holes or deepening characterization, she guided me to the heart of my stories with insight and encouragement. My books are infinitely better because of her keen eye and editorial skills.” 

Carla Stewart, Award-Winning Author of The Hatmaker’s Heart and A Flying Affair

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