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Are there categories of books you don't edit?
Yes. Though I love reading a wide variety of books, there are some types of books I don't specialize in when it comes to editing, including:








Sci Fi/High Fantasy





Young Adult

Category No

books with significant graphic/explicit violence

books that focus on drug use

The categories I do edit can be found on the Home page here. If your book doesn't fall into any of the listed categories on the site, feel free to reach out to me.

How do I find a local writing group?

Please visit the Resources page for links and lists of writers organizations for both published and not yet published authors.

Can you find me an agent/publisher?

My goal is to help you make your proposal or manuscript stronger to increase your chances of finding an agent or publisher. I can give you general advice and answer questions based on my experience, but my services don't include telling you specific agents or publishers to submit to or placing projects with agents/publishers. 

One thing you should know is that agents work on commission, meaning they take a percentage only if and when they sell your work. This works in your favor, because an agent will only take on your project if she thinks she can be effective in selling it. If an agent wants you to pay just to submit your work to publishers, I'd advise you to keep looking.

Can you give me advice on how to start looking for an agent?

One place to start looking for an agent is the Association of Authors' Representatives (AAR) which requires members to adhere to a certain standard of ethics. But there are many great agents who are not members of AAR. Another resource is The Literary Marketplace, which is like the Yellow Pages of publishing. You should find a copy in the reference section of your local library, or you can gain access by subscribing on-line. Once you find the name of a promising agent, make sure to check his or her website for current information on how to submit.

Visit the Resources page for helpful links.

Can you give me advice about self-publishing?

I only have a rudimentary knowledge of self-publishing, and would not be the right person to advise you on that.

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